Component Supply Expands Burr-Free Cutting Capacity

As the economy continues to reopen and production ramps up in the medical device industry, Component Supply has quadrupled its burr-fee cutting capacity for hypodermic tubing and stainless steel wire. Adding equipment and skilled personnel allows Component Supply to cut more material to tight length tolerances while keeping the lead times short.

“We were starting to see more and more requests for medium to large volume tubing and wire cutting, so we wanted to be prepared for those new requests while still providing the same level of speed and quality to our current customers,” said Kristin Livesay, vice president of sales and marketing.

While burr-free cutting of stainless steel tubing and wire has been a core business for Component Supply since its inception in 2009, the need for larger volumes and faster lead times has increased over the past year. Length tolerances range from +/- 0.002” to +/- 0.005” and the average lead time is one week.

The mission of Component Supply is to be a resource to researchers and product designers by connecting them with the components and knowledge they need to change the world. While research and development has always been a priority to the company, this added capacity will enable Component Supply to bridge the gap between R&D and production.