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Specialty Fittings

Fitting and Adaptor Inforamtion
Material Properties
Component Supply carries a variety of fittings and adaptors to enable precise, secure connections. While there is a brief description of each product line below, please visit the individual product pages for more comprehensive information.

Hypodermic Adaptor Ferrules: polyimide-graphite ferrule used with a stainless steel instrumentation quality compression fitting to promote the use of hypodermic tubing in applications where small diameter tubing presents challenges.

PTFE Tubing Adaptor Ferrules: polyimide-graphite ferrules and inserts used with stainless steel instrumentation quality compression fittings to promote the incorporation of PTFE in applications where the lubricity of PTFE presents challenges.

MicroFittings® Luer Fittings: constructed with a proprietary polypropylene Luer adaptor body and a stainless steel element specifically designed to connect small-bore, flexible tubing into a standard liquid or gas circuit using a single Luer fitting.

MicroFittings® Barb Fittings: constructed with a proprietary polypropylene barb adaptor body and a stainless steel element used to connect the microbore tubing to fractional tubing using a single barb fitting.

MicroFittings® Adaptors Fittings: constructed with a proprietary polypropylene barb adaptor body and a stainless steel element used to connect the microbore tubing into a standard liquid or gas circuit using a #10-32UNF threaded connection.

Oetiker Clamps: one-ear clamps providing a strong grip for small diameter tubing and used when two-ear clamps are impractical or space is limited. The sleeve aligns with the clamp and forces them to compress evenly. They are built with 304 stainless steel and have 302 stainless steel inserts that prevent the tubing from pinching when closing the ear. The stainless steel material resists scaling and corrosion. They also allow for even compression of the clamp around the tubing.

Nylon Hose Clamps: nylon 6/6 hose snapper clamps made of durable U.L.-listed black nylon 6-6. They are easy to install and remove with the hose in place and can even be reused. Nylon clamps are able to hold up in moderate non-hydraulic pressure applications and are capable of withstanding temperatures from -40°F to 302°F. This durable material prevents rust and corrosion. The double rows of teeth make for a strong hold that will not vibrate loose.

Stainless Hose Clamps: also known as worm gear clamps. Two types of these precision-engineered products are available: marine grade and standard. The marine grade stainless steel hose clamps are made with 301 stainless steel are 5/16" wide. The housing is made from 301 stainless steel, and the combination 1/4" hex head slotted screw is made from 410 stainless steel. The standard 301 stainless steel hose clamps also are 5/16" wide. The housing is carbon clear chromate dipped and the combination 1/4" hex head slotted screw is made from clear chromate plated 1018 carbon steel.

Acetal Push-To-Connect: acetal copolymer push to connect fittings allowing for instant, leak-proof connections with flexible tubing. They are formulated with tough, lightweight and FDA-approved materials and are easy to install, disconnect and reuse without the need for tools. These fittings are not suitable for compressed air and vacuum applications.

Stainless Steel Compression Fittings: comprised of four components: the fitting body, the front ferrule, the back ferrule and the nut. The dual ferrule system allows an excellent seal with minimal torque on the nut. These fittings are made from 316 stainless steel. The body meets ASTM A182, and the nut and both ferrule components meet ASTM A479. They can be used with both Component Supply's Hypodermic Tubing Adaptor Ferrule System and PTFE Tubing Adaptor Ferrule System, which allow for the incorporation of hypodermic tubing or PTFE tubing into standard liquid or gas circuits.

Markets & Applications ▼
  • Chemical: PTFE tubing has many characteristics that are beneficial for use in chemical applications, but its lubricity makes it difficult to connect it into circuits. Our PTFE Adaptor Ferrules used with standard compression fitting overcomes this challenge making it easy to incorporate this tubing.
  • Industrial: There are so many industrial applications, such as food and beverage processing as well as pneumatic uses that can benefit from push-to-connect fittings. These fittings make connecting tubing easy, but also make disconnecting tubing easy when it needs to be changed out.
  • Laboratory: Our MicroFittings® are useful in Laboratory applications that use microbore tubing. These fitting give users a variety of connection options using a single fitting. The stainless steel compression fittings are useful in tests and processes where chemical resistance, temperature or pressure are concerns.
Custom Fabrication & Contract Manufacturing ▼
Various customization options are available depending on the product. Please contact us directly for the options available for your application.

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See individual product pages for quality information.

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