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Tygon® B-44-3 Beverage Tubing

Tygon B-44-3 Beverage Tubing
Material Properties
Tygon® beverage tubing is clear, PVC-based tubing used for transferring liquids such as soft drinks, fruit juices, flavored teas and bottled water. This tubing possesses a non-wetting, nonporous bore, which does not affect the taste or odor of beverages transferred through it. These properties allow for complete drainage and thorough simple flush-cleaning. This plastic tubing is lightweight and flexible, allowing for efficient, quick installation. It is chemically resistant to virtually all non-solvent chemicals. Tygon beverage tubing meets FDA, 3-A and NSF criteria.

Markets & Applications ▼
This beverage tubing is utilized for beverage dispensing, bag-in-box, dairy processing, food dispensing and beverage transfer applications. It also has applications in food processing and commercial packaging as well as some general laboratory applications. While Component Supply provides some information for product applications, generally there are too many possibilities for a comprehensive list. Please contact our office if you have further application questions.

Custom Fabrication & Contract Manufacturing ▼
Component Supply stocks Tygon® B-44-3 beverage tubing in the dimensions indicated on the chart below. While we stock large volumes of this product, we are consistent in our support of research and development by giving our customers the opportunity to test this tubing in their specific applications without committing to the purchase of large amounts of tubing. We offer this PVC-based tubing in lengths as small as one foot and have the capability to cut this material to customer-specified lengths as short as a 1/4 inch. For other questions about the customization of this product, please contact one of our representatives.

Quality, Compliance, & Regulatory ▼
Tygon Beverage tubing meets FDA, 3-A and NSF criteria.

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Tygon ® B-44-3 Beverage Tubing
Part Number I.D. O.D. Wall Bend Radius Max psi @ 73F $/ft <25'* $/ft >25'*25
TBT-062A 1/16"e; 1/8"e; 1/32"e; 1/4"e; 70 0.25 0.2175
TBT-062B 1/16"e; 3/16"e; 1/16"e; 1/8"e; 108 0.63 0.5481
TBT-093A 3/32"e; 5/32"e; 1/32"e; 3/8"e; 47 0.32 0.2784
TBT-093B 3/32"e; 7/32"e; 1/16"e; 1/4"e; 78 0.81 0.7047
TBT-125A 1/8"e; 3/16"e; 1/32"e; 1/2"e; 34 0.33 0.3045
TBT-125B 1/8"e; 1/4"e; 1/16"e; 3/8"e; 60 0.82 0.7205
TBT-187A 3/16"e; 1/4"e; 1/32"e; 1"e; 34 0.53 0.4637
TBT-187B 3/16"e; 5/16"e; 1/16"e; 5/8"e; 43 1.25 1.035
TBT-250A 1/4"e; 3/8"e; 1/16"e; 1"e; 34 1.34 1.1658
TBT-375A 3/8"e; 1/2"e; 1/16"e; 1 3/4"e; 25 1.88 1.646
TBT-500A 1/2"e; 5/8"e; 1/16"e; 2 7/8"e; 19 2.81 2.264
TBT-500B 1/2"e; 3/4"e; 1/8"e; 1 3/4"e; 34 4.17 3.8279