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316 Stainless Steel Compression Fittings

Stainless Steel Compression Fittings
Stainless steel compression fittings are comprised of four components: the fitting body, the front ferrule, the back ferrule and the nut. The dual ferrule system allows an excellent seal with minimal torque on the nut. These fittings are made from 316 stainless steel. The body meets ASTM A182, and the nut and both ferrule components meet ASTM A479. They can be used with both Component Supply's Hypodermic Tubing Adaptor Ferrule System and PTFE Tubing Adaptor Ferrule System, which allow for the incorporation of hypodermic tubing or PTFE tubing into standard liquid or gas circuits.
Application Examples ▼
Stainless steel compression fittings are used to connect metal and plastic tubing for various pressure applications by compressing the tubing to create a tight seal. They are one component of Component Supply's PTFE and hypodermic tubing adaptor ferrule systems. These fittings also are used in applications needing to connect fractional stainless steel tubing using a Luer fitting. Component Supply provides some information regarding the potential applications of our products, but the numerous options make it impossible to create a comprehensive list. Therefore, when considering prospective applications in your specific industry, please call us and use our knowledgeable representatives as resources who can assist you in choosing the best products for your specific applications.
Stock & Customization ▼
Component Supply stocks stainless steel compression fittings in the configurations listed in the charts below.
Quality Assurance ▼
• The compression body meets ASTM A182
• The nut and both ferrule components meet ASTM A479
• RoHS Compliant
Related Products & Technical Information ▼
316 Stainless Steel Compression Fittings
Part Number Image Port #1 Size Port #2 Size Price*
FCXX-062U Stainless Steel Compression Union Fitting 1/16 1/16 19.57
FCXX-125U 1/8 1/8 13.88
FCXX-250U 1/4 1/4 13.71
FCXX-062MA Stainless Steel Compression Threaded Adapter 1/16 1/16 NPT 13.76
FCXX-125MA 1/8 1/8 NPT 9.31
FCXX-250MA 1/4 1/4 NPT 8.79
FCXX-125RU Stainless Steel Compression Reducing Union Fitting 1/8 1/16 18.93
FCXX-250RU 1/4 1/8 14.49
FCXX-062C Stainless Steel Compression Cap 1/16" 316 SS Compression Cap 13.83
FCXX-125C 1/8" 316 SS Compression Cap 8.76
FCXX-125/062PA Stainless Steel Insert for Compression Fitting 1/8" Compression x 1/16" Barb Port Adapter 24.56
FCXX-250/125PA 1/4" Compression x 1/8" Barb Port Adapter 16.83
FCXX-125PA 1/8" Compression x 1/8" Barb Port Adapter 10.46
FCXX-250PA 1/4" Compression x 1/4" Barb Port Adapter 7.48
LXFPM-10C Stainless Female Luer, 1/4-28 Bulkhead to Barb Fitting Stainless Steel Female Luer to 1/16 compressions $47.00
LXFPM-20C Stainless Steel Female Luer to 1/8 compressions $47.00
LXML-10C Stainless Male Luer Lock to Compression Fitting Stainless Steel Male Luer Lock to 1/16 compressions $71.00
LXML-20C Stainless Steel Male Luer Lock to 1/8 compressions $71.00