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Polycarbonate Luer Fittings

Polycarbonate Male to Female Luer Fitting
Material Properties
Component Supply's polycarbonate Luer fittings are part of a standard system to connect small diameter tubing with leak-proof connections. The 6% taper on the male and female engage with each other to provide a secure friction connection as a slip. There also are male fittings with integral locking rings as well as rotating lock nuts allowing for more secure connections when required. Polycarbonate is considered to be the toughest of all plastics with its heat and impact resistance. It is linear, low-crystalline and transparent, and the combination of its strength and elasticity prevents deformation, making it ideal for applications requiring durability. In addition, polycarbonate remains mostly unaffected by greases, oils and acids. Its electrical resistivity as well as the other characteristics can be upheld in a temperature range of -275°F to 250°F. Component Supply also produces Luer assemblies using these polycarbonate Luers and either standard PVC tubing or various Tygon® tubing formulations.

Markets & Applications ▼
Polycarbonate Luer fittings are used as connections to another Luer, barb or bulkhead or in a line set where a Luer fitting connects to fractional tubing. Small-bore connectors like these Luers are used extensively in the medical field where medical devices are connected to tubing and accessories responsible for delivering fluids and gases to patients. Other applications include uses in blood pressure cuffs, breathing systems, feeding tubes, intravenous devices, catheters and many more. Component Supply seeks to assist researchers and product designers in determining the best products for their specific applications. While we do provide some information regarding the potential applications of our products, often there are many more possibilities. Therefore, if you do not see a description for an application that suits your needs, please contact one of our representatives who can give you further information about this product and others that might aid your project.

Custom Fabrication & Contract Manufacturing ▼
Component Supply stocks polycarbonate Luer fittings and connectors in production quantities. However, in our commitment to the innovative methodologies of our researchers and product designers, we offer these parts as well as other related products without minimum order requirements. We sell each fitting individually offering price breaks at 1000 pieces.

Quality, Compliance and Regulatory ▼
Material and dimensions comply with:
  • RoHS Regulations
  • DEHP Free
Related Products & Technical Information ▼
Polycarbonate Luer Fittings and Connectors
Part Number Image Tubing Size Luer Connection Price* 10 pcs, $/ea*10 100 pcs, $/ea*100
LPC-ML-062 Nylon Barb to Male Luer Lock 1/16 Male Luer Lock 0.8405 0.6724 0.5043
LPC-ML-093 3/32 Male Luer Lock 0.8560 0.6848 0.5136
LPC-ML-125 1/8 Male Luer Lock 0.8580 0.6864 0.5148
LPC-MTL-062 Nylon Barb to Male Luer 1/16 Male Luer "Free Turn" Lock Nut 0.9300 0.7440 0.5580
LPC-MTL-093 3/32 Male Luer "Free Turn" Lock Nut 0.6925 0.5540 0.4155
LPC-MTL-125 1/8 Male Luer "Free Turn" Lock Nut 0.6925 0.5540 0.4155
LPC-M-062 Nylon Barb to Male Luer 1/16 Male Luer For Use w/Lock Nut 0.9390 0.7512 0.5634
LPC-M-093 3/32 Male Luer For Use w/Lock Nut 0.9405 0.7524 0.5643
LPC-M-125 1/8 Male Luer For Use w/Lock Nut 0.9420 0.7536 0.5652
LPC-MNL-062 Nylon Barb to Slip Male Luer 1/16 No Lock Male Luer 0.9545 0.7636 0.5727
LPC-MNL-093 3/32 No Lock Male Luer 0.9565 0.7652 0.5739
LPC-MNL-125 1/8 No Lock Male Luer 0.9595 0.7676 0.5757
LPC-M-1032 Threaded adaptor to Slip Male Luer 10-32 UNF Male Luer 0.9480 0.7584 0.5688
LPC-M-1428 1/4-28 UNF Male Luer 0.9835 0.7868 0.5901
LPC-MLN Male Luer Lock Nut Locking Nut for Male Luers 1.0580 0.8464 0.6348
LPC-MP Male Luer Slip Plug Male Luer Plug 1.0795 0.8636 0.6477
LPC-MPLN Male Luer Lock Plug Male Luer Plug W/ Locking Nut 0.8765 0.7012 0.5259
LPC-FT-M Male Luer Slip Plug Female Luer to Male Luer Lock 1.3135 1.0508 0.7881
LPC-FBT-062 Nylon Barb to Slip Male Luer 1/16 Female Luer - 1/4-28 Bulkhead 1.6975 1.3580 1.0185
LPC-FBT-093 3/32 Female Luer - 1/4-28 Bulkhead 1.6995 1.3596 1.0197
LPC-FBT-125 1/8 Female Luer - 1/4-28 Bulkhead 1.6995 1.3596 1.0197
LPC-FT-062 Nylon Barb to Slip Male Luer 1/16 Female Luer 0.8665 0.6932 0.5199
LPC-FT-093 3/32 Female Luer 0.8690 0.6952 0.5214
LPC-FT-125 1/8 Female Luer 0.8700 0.6960 0.5220
LPC-FT-1032 Threaded adaptor to Slip Male Luer 10-32 UNF Female Luer 1.4185 1.1348 0.8511
LPC-FT-1428 1/4-28 UNF Female Luer 1.4275 1.1420 0.8565
LPC-FF Male Luer Lock Nut Female Luer Connector 2.2105 1.7684 1.3263
LPC-FP Male Luer Lock Nut Female Luer Plug 1.1095 0.8876 0.6657
LPC-FT Male Luer Lock Nut Female Luer "T" Connector 2.2210 1.7768 1.3326