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Clear & Flexible PVC Tubing

Clear Flexible PVC Tubing
Material Properties
Clear, flexible and lightweight PVC tubing is phlalate free and suitable for low-pressure industrial applications conveying liquids, gases and some solids. Although PVC tubing is light and has a high bend radius, it is also strong and generally unaffected by both reducing and oxidizing agents. It can be used with diluted alkalies and acids without any adverse effects on the tubing. PVC tubing's low extractables prevent it from transferring taste or odor. Because it is clear, this tubing is easily inspected, and its "mirror-smooth" bore surface provides efficient flow characteristics.

Markets & Applications ▼
There are a variety of applications for PVC tubing across different industries including the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, instrumentation and medical fields. It has functions in material handling, in refrigeration, as a light vacuum, in distilled water transfer and much more. However, this particular tubing is not recommended for peristaltic pump use, but in other applications, it can be a suitable substitute for Tygon R-3603, which has been replaced by Saint-Gobain's new formulation Tygon E-3606. Component Supply seeks to assist researchers and product designers in determining the best products for their specific applications. While we do provide some information regarding applications for our PVC tubing, the options are too numerous for a comprehensive review. Therefore, if you do not see a description for an application that suits your needs, please contact one of our representatives who can provide further information about this product and others that might aid your project.

Custom Fabrication & Contract Manufacturing ▼
At Component Supply, we strive to bring application-specific functionality to researchers and product designers by offering custom fabrication of this PVC tubing. However, we also stock large volumes of this product for efficient and competitive distribution. Our proprietary processes as well as the equipment we have developed allow us to cut this tubing both for research and development purposes and for production applications. We also can make line sets with custom fitting terminations for customers. For more custom fabrication information, please contact a Component Supply representative who can inform you of the best options for your specific application.

Quality, Compliance, & Regulatory ▼
The PVC compound meets USP Class VI requirements and is listed by the National Sanitation Foundation for food equipment materials (NSF 51). It is made from non-toxic materials conforming to FDA and 3-A standards as well as meeting the UL94 HB burn rating.

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Clear PVC Tubing, Flexible
Property Value or Rating
Durameter Hardness, Shore A 68
Color Clear
Tensile Strength, psi 1950
Ultimate Elongation % 730
Maximum Recommended Operating Temp °F 175
Brittle Temperature °F -20

Clear PVC Tubing, Flexible
Part Number I.D. O.D. Wall Working PSI @ 70°F $/ft <25'* $/ft >25'*25
PLT70-010A 1/16 1/8 1/32 140 0.35 0.28
PLT70-015A 3/32 5/32 1/32 105 0.40 0.32
PLT70-020A 1/8 3/16 1/32 85 0.45 0.36
PLT70-020B 1/8 1/4 1/16 141 0.75 0.60
PLT70-030A 3/16 1/4 1/32 53 0.60 0.48
PLT70-030C 3/16 3/8 3/32 141 1.35 1.08
PLT70-040A 1/4 3/8 1/16 85 1.25 1.00
PLT70-040B 1/4 7/16 3/32 116 1.55 1.24
PLT70-050A 5/16 7/16 1/16 71 1.25 1.00
PLT70-050B 5/16 1/2 3/32 97 1.80 1.44
PLT70-050C 5/16 9/16 1/8 121 2.50 2.00
PLT70-060A 3/8 1/2 1/16 70 1.30 1.04
PLT70-060B 3/8 9/16 3/32 90 2.05 1.64
PLT70-060C 3/8 5/8 1/8 111 2.75 2.20