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Stainless Steel Oetiker® Clamps

Oetiker Tube Clamps
Component Supply offers high quality tube and hose clamps, which are ideal for applications involving soft or hard rubbers and plastics. These one-ear clamps provide a strong grip for small diameter tubing and are useful when two-ear clamps are impractical or space is limited. Their unique design aligns the sleeve with the clamp and forces them to compress evenly. They are built with 304 stainless steel and have 302 stainless steel inserts that prevent the tubing from pinching when closing the ear. The stainless steel material resists scaling and corrosion. They also allow for even compression of the clamp around the tubing. Zinc plated and 316 stainless steel options are also available with special order.
Application Examples ▼
Hose clamps are effective in a large number industries, particularly in industrial chemical, food processing, electronic and automotive applications. These clamps attach tubing and hoses to fittings, preventing flow leakage. They are also used for hose or wire mounting. Component Supply seeks to assist researchers and product designers in determining the best products for their projects. While we do provide some information regarding the potential applications of our products, often there are other possibilities. If you do not see a description for an application that suits your needs, please contact one of our representatives who can give you further information about this product and others that might aid your project.
Stock & Customization ▼
Component Supply stocks Oetiker® clamps in the configurations listed in the chart below. Zinc plated and 316 stainless steel options also are available with special order.
Related Products & Technical Information ▼
Oetiker® Stainless Steel Clamps
Part Number Closed Closed Inner Width Of Ear Each*
OCI-114 0.098 0.114 1.4 3.75
OCI-146 0.114 0.146 2.5 3.15
OCI-185 0.146 0.185 3.2 2.75
OCI-224 0.185 0.224 3.2 1.40
OCI-244 0.205 0.244 3.2 1.25
OCI-256 0.220 0.256 3.0 1.25
OCI-295 0.248 0.295 4.0 1.25
OCI-323 0.275 0.323 4.0 1.35
OCI-374 0.315 0.374 5.0 1.35
OCI-543 0.472 0.543 6.5 1.35