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Music Wire, Spring Steel

Spring Steel Music Wire
Material Properties
Music wire is straightened, hardened spring steel wire. Originally, this material was intended for strings in musical instruments, but now it is primarily used in manufacturing spiral springs. Music wire is made from steel with high carbon content. It is pulled through a die to form a thin wire in a process known as "cold drawing" because it occurs at room temperature. Then, it is heat-tempered. Music wire can endure high tension and stress repeatedly without losing its strength or elasticity. As the highest grade of spring wire, it is low in sulfur and phosphorus. Though its tensile strength when hard drawn is 225,000 to 400,000 psi, it is flexible enough to bend 180° without cracking. Additionally, it can wind into a close helix with an inside diameter 1 to 1.5 times the diameter of the wire. This wire typically is specified using the outside diameter. Due to its strength, this material must be cut by a cutting wheel or carbide jawed cutters. It must be stored in protective oil.

Markets & Applications ▼
Music wire is a versatile, affordable spring steel wire useful in a variety of high-stress applications. It is most frequently used in the manufacturing of spiral springs is but also used for pins, stiffening rods, compression springs and extension springs. Component Supply seeks to assist researchers and product designers in determining the best products for their specific applications. While we do provide some information regarding the potential applications of our products, the numerous options make it impossible to create a comprehensive list. Therefore, when considering prospective applications in your specific industry, please call us and use our knowledgeable representatives as resources who can assist you in choosing the best products for your specific project.

Custom Fabrication & Contract Manufacturing ▼
Component Supply stocks production quantities of music wire in the sizes indicated on the chart below in 36" lengths. All sizes are packaged in quantities of ten, but some are sold individually. There are many custom fabrication options for this material including cutting and deburring. In addition, we possess the capabilities to bend this wire based on customers' angle and radius requirements as well as make multiple and compound bends. For more custom fabrication options for music wire, please contact our office.

Quality, Compliance & Regulatory Documents ▼
Please see below for applicable standards and available statements regarding regulatory requirements.
  • ASTM: A-228
  • RoHS Compliance Statement
  • REACH Compliance Statement
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Straight Spring Steel Music Wire
Part Number Diameter Tolerance 36"* 10 pcs, 36"/*-10
SMW-015-36 0.015 ±0.0003 11.28
SMW-020-36 0.020 ±0.0003 11.28
SMW-025-36 0.025 ±0.0005 10.83
SMW-032-36 0.032 ±0.0005 12.98
SMW-039-36 0.039 ±0.0005 13.75
SMW-047-36 0.047 ±0.0005 14.78
SMW-055-36 0.055 ±0.0005 18.00
SMW-062-36 0.062 ±0.0005 19.75
SMW-078-36 0.078 ±0.0005 3.11 20.75
SMW-093-36 0.093 ±0.0005 4.90 32.68
SMW-125-36 0.125 ±0.0005 6.11 40.75
SMW-156-36 0.156 ±0.0005 7.09 47.25
SMW-188-36 0.188 ±0.0005 9.49 63.25
SMW-219-36 0.219 ±0.001 12.19 81.25
SMW-250-36 0.250 ±0.001 14.51 96.75