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Hypodermic Tubing Adaptor Ferrules

Hypodermic Tubing Adaptor Ferrules
Material Properties
Component Supply offers hypodermic tubing adaptor ferrules for incorporating hypodermic tubing into any standard liquid or gas circuit. In Component Supply's Hypodermic Tubing Adaptor Ferrule System, a polyimide-graphite ferrule is used with a stainless steel instrumentation quality compression fitting to promote the use of hypodermic tubing in applications where small diameter tubing presents challenges.

Markets & Applications ▼
The compression ferrules solve the problems occurring in applications where incorporating hypodermic tubing into a standard liquid or gas circuit would be useful. Utilizing the compression ferrules allows researchers and product designers to easily connect hypodermic size tubing into standard National Pipe Thread (NPT) plumbing circuits. Once the hypodermic tubing size needed for a specific application has been determined, the appropriate compression ferrule can be identified. Component Supply seeks to assist researchers and product designers in determining the best products for their specific applications. While we do provide some information regarding the potential applications of our compression ferrules, there are often many more possibilities. Therefore, when considering prospective applications for this product in your specific industry, please call us and use our knowledgeable representatives as resources who can assist you.

Custom Fabrication & Contract Manufacturing ▼
Component Supply stocks large quantities of compression ferrules to accompany the hypodermic tubing sizes indicated on the chart below. This product is packaged and supplied individually with no minimum order requirement. Additionally, we offer custom-drilled ferrules to adapt hypodermic tubing into an existing compression fitting. We value the innovative work occurring in demanding laboratory environments and use our proprietary processes and specialized equipment to offer custom fabrication of this product and many others. If you have any questions about incorporating this product or any related products into your application, please call us so we can assist you in your project./

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Hypodermic Tubing Adaptor Ferrules
Part Number Compression Fitting Tubing Gauge Size Price Ea*
FP-1/26 1/16" 26-25 18.00
FP-1/24 1/16" 24-22 18.00
FP-1/20 1/16" 21-20 13.00
FP-1/19 1/16" 19 13.00
FP-1/18 1/16" 18 13.00
FP-1/17 1/16" 17 13.00
FP-2/26 1/8" 26-25 18.00
FP-2/24 1/8" 24-22 18.00
FP-2/20 1/8" 21-20 13.00
FP-2/19 1/8" 19 13.00
FP-2/18 1/8" 18 13.00
FP-2/17 1/8" 17 13.00
FP-2/15 1/8" 15 13.00
FP-2/14 1/8" 14 13.00
FP-2/13 1/8" 13 13.00
FP-2/12 1/8" 12 13.00
FP-4/10 1/4" 10 15.00
FP-4/09 1/4" 9 15.00
FP-4/08 1/4" 8 15.00
FP-4/07 1/4" 7 15.00
FP-4/06 1/4" 6 15.00
FP-4/05 1/4" 5 15.00