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Plastic & Rubber Tubing

Plastic, Rubber and Tygon Tubing
Material Properties
Component Supply carries a comprehensive offering of plastic tubing. Materials included in this inventory include PVC, polyurethane, silicone, nylon and a variety of Tygon products. While a brief description and application examples for each of these products are provided on this page, please visit each individual product page for even more detailed information.

PVC Tubing is clear, flexible and lightweight PVC tubing suitable for low-pressure industrial applications conveying liquids, gases and some solids. It has a high bend radius, is strong and generally unaffected by both reducing and oxidizing agents. It can be used with diluted alkalis and acids without any adverse effects on the tubing. PVC tubing's low extractables prevent it from transferring taste or odor. Because it is clear, this tubing is easily inspected, and its "mirror-smooth" bore surface provides efficient flow characteristics.

Nylon Tubing is strong, lightweight and flexible industrial tubing functional for fluid transfer applications. It has excellent resistance against abrasions, tears and punctures. While the fragility of nylon is often caused by water absorption and depletion, this nylon tubing's flexibility does not depend on moisture, extending its life expectancy and eliminating brittleness. Its excellent elastic memory can withstand repeated flexing over long periods of time, making it a suitable choice for retractable coils. Nylon tubing is resistant to solvents, oils, greases, petroleum products, fungi and molds and generally, it possesses effective resistance against dilute mineral and organic acids, but in-plant tests still are suggested.

Polyurethane Tubing (ester-based) offers abrasion, radiation, impact, weathering and tear resistance. It has high tensile and elongation values and low compression set. It resists a wide range of temperatures from -95°F to 185°F. It does not contain plasticizer, reducing the risk of flow contamination or tube hardening. While it is made from nontoxic material meeting FDA requirements for use with wet and fatty foods, unlike ether-based polyurethane tubing, this ester-based tubing faces significant reduction in its physical properties when in regular, prolonged contact with water, humidity or fungi. Polyurethane tubing can be heat sealed, coiled, fabricated or bonded. Although polyurethane is commonly used in fuel applications in the oil and gas industry, due to additives in today's gasoline and petroleum products, field testing should be performed.

Polyurethane Tubing (ester-based) possesses the many of the same properties as its ester-based counterpart listed above, but ether-based polyurethane's physical properties are more stable when in contact water, humidity or fungi.

Silicone (peroxide-cured) does not contain sulfur or any other acid-producing chemicals, so the risk of staining, corroding or deteriorating other materials is mostly eliminated. Even over an extended time, this tubing is highly resistant to UV and ozone. It is not recommended for implantable or continuous steam applications. However, it can be low pressure steam sterilized in-line or autoclaved at up to 250°F in a normal autoclaving cycle with limits. When exposed to repeated steam sterilization or long-term high temperature or pressure it will eventually relax, become gummy and need to be replaced.

Silicone (platinum-cured, medical) is reusable and able to withstand repeated sterilization. Its physical properties resist sticking and encrustation and will not support bacteria growth. The tubing is soft, pliable and contains no plasticizers, which could leach out and cause flow contamination or tube hardening. It is not recommended for implantable or continuous steam applications. When exposed to repeated steam sterilization or long-term high temperature or pressure it will eventually relax, become gummy and need to be replaced.

Tygon® S3™ E-3603 Tubing offers the superior performance traditionally found in Tygon products while addressing the increasing safety concerns regarding phthalates and BPA as well as the increased regulation of products using plasticizers containing DEHP. This clear, flexible and phthalate-free Tygon tubing is effective in handling most inorganic chemicals found in laboratory settings. Its durable formulation is resistant to flex fatigue and abrasion. This non-oxidizing tubing is less permeable than rubber tubing and will not contaminate fluid as it passes through the tubing. The smooth, polished inner bore prevents buildup and promotes efficient cleaning. It can be sterilized through conventional autoclave methods (steam 30 minutes at 15 psi, 121°C) and ethylene oxide.

Tygon® B-44-3 Beverage Tubing is clear, PVC-based tubing used for transferring liquids such as soft drinks, fruit juices, flavored teas and bottled water. This tubing possesses a non-wetting, nonporous bore, which does not affect the taste or odor of beverages transferred through it. These properties allow for complete drainage and thorough simple flush-cleaning. It's lightweight and flexible and allows for efficient, quick installation. It is chemically resistant to virtually all non-solvent chemicals.

Tygon® F-4040-A Fuel Tubing was designed to resist effects of hydrocarbon-based fluids, such as swelling, hardening and cracking. It is a safe and efficient means of handling petroleum-based products and is the most requested fuel and lubricant tubing for several applications because it reduces the inefficiencies caused by cracking and leakage. Tygon fuel tubing comes in a translucent yellow and is extremely flexible. Its minimal extractables safeguard the transfer of liquid or vapor against adulteration. It is ozone and UV light resistant and possesses a maximum working temperature of 165°F.

Tygon® ND100-65 Medical Tubing is a non-toxic, non-hemolytic and non-pyrogenic material specifically designed for the medical industry and is especially useful for medical device manufacturers requiring a non-DEHP plasticized material. It is made from a biocompatible, non-DEHP polymer material purposefully developed for blood contact medical device needs. This material can be effectively bonded and/or welded using the following methods: heat, electronic (RF)/ultrasonic, solvent and adhesive. ND100-65 withstands EtO, gas and Gamma sterilization.

Tygon® ND100-80 Microbore Tubing is a biocompatible, non-DEHP plasticized tubing specifically developed for the medical device market. Its soft, flexible material reduces the risk of puncture, yet its rigidity prevents kinking. With a clear and glass-smooth inner bore, Tygon® ND100-80 provides excellent visibility. It can be sterilized through autoclaving, gas and radiation.

Tygothane® Tygon® C-210-A possesses consistently tight dimensional tolerances due to strict manufacturing process controls that are in place. Tygothane® is an ester-based polyurethane tubing offering clarity, high tear strength and resistance to abrasion. It is effective in temperatures ranging from -100°F (-73°C) to 200°F (93°C) and meets FDA criteria for food and beverage use.

Markets & Applications ▼
  • Medical: Both Tygon ND100-65 and Tygon ND-100-80 are medical grade tubing are used in minimally-invasive surgery. Platinum-cured silicone tubing is used in catheters, blood and fluid handling, surgical feeds and drains.
  • Laboratory: Tygon E-3603 and PVC tubing are used general lab fluid transfer applications. Applications requiring chemical resistance or heat resistance utilize peroxide tubing silicone. Tygothane tubing is often used in peristaltic pumps.
  • Industrial: Tygon B-44-3 beverage tubing is used in the transfer of food production and packaging. Polyurethane tubing can be used in certain applications for oil and gas transfer. Tygon F-4040-A fuel is tubing used for marine or aerospace fuel applications.
Custom Fabrication & Contract Manufacturing ▼
To provide application-specific functionality to our components to researchers and product designers by limiting minimum orders quantities and cutting customer-specified lengths as short as a 1/4"-inch piece. For more custom fabrication information, please contact a Component Supply representative who can inform you of the best options for your specific application.

Quality, Compliance, & Regulatory ▼
See individual product pages for detailed quality information.

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