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Metal Tubing

Metal Tubing General Information
Material Properties
Component Supply stocks 304 and 316 annealed, seamless stainless steel tubing and precision brass telescoping tubing. 304 and 316 annealed stainless steel tubing comes in 30" and 60& lengths. Annealed seamless stainless steel tubing is suitable for applications demanding higher strengths and tighter tolerances. The 316 contains less chromium and adds molybdenum making it more effective in resisting corrosion in certain environments. The 304 also has effective corrosion resistance but is more economical than the 316. Without a seam or weld point, this annealed tubing can withstand higher pressure and resist corrosion. It has a high degree of ductility, and therefore has excellent drawing, forming and spinning properties. Because no welding is involved, no microscopic changes occur in the grain structure, and there is less particle accumulation in the tubing. This material can be flared without splitting.

Component Supply stocks drawn, precision C260 brass telescoping tubing with a 1/2 to 1/4 hard temper. The brass C260 seamless telescoping tubing comes in 12" or 36" lengths. This seamless tubing allows for a smooth interior flow and greater burst strength than welded tubing. Each size is designed to fit precisely inside the next larger size, making it a suitable option for applications requiring a reduction in size, weight or flow. Brass telescoping tubing is corrosion-resistant and formable for flaring and bending. It also can be easily soldered or brazed. For more infomration, visit the product pages in the Metal Tubing Product Pages section below.

Markets & Applications ▼
  • Annealed, Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing: is used in applications in the chemical, refrigeration, paper and food processing industries. There are also petrochemical, gas and nuclear applications where high pressures and exposure to corrosive environments are prevalent. This seamless tubing also transports liquids and gases in chloride environments. In higher temperature applications where pressure is a concern, this tubing provides a better option than braid reinforced plastic or rubber tubing, such as silicone.

  • Brass Telescoping Tubing: is often applied in the development of experimental models, prototypes and customized piping.
Custom Fabrication & Contract Manufacturing ▼
Custom fabrication for metal tubing includes:
  • Precision cutting
  • Bending
  • Beveling
Quality, Compliance, & Regulatory ▼
Annealed stainless steel tubing meets ASTM A269 specifications for quality assurance. Brass telescoping tubing is RoHS Compliant.

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