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Component Supply Lab Kits

Component Supply Lab Kits
To support our mission "to be known worldwide as the R&D Hardware Store," Component Supply offers various lab kits that provide a selection of our products for testing purposes. CS lab kits are a valuable resource to labs and shops that need a variety of parts readily available and well organized for testing. We are constantly expanding and improving our lab kit offering, which currently consists of hypodermic tubing, stainless steel wire and blunt needle kits. Designed with researchers, product developers and repair technicians in mind, these kits provide organization needed to store various sizes for testing and repair.

Application Examples
Because our versatile components serve functions in a wide range of industries, Component Supply developed lab kits to provide an opportunity for researchers and product designers to test various configurations of materials for their specific applications. We want to equip labs and shops with the materials they need to test their processes without requiring the purchase of large quantities. Application examples for each of the materials are provided on individual product pages for hypodermic tubing, stainless steel wire and blunt needles.

Stock and Customization
Component Supply stocks lab kits for the following materials: hypodermic tubing, stainless steel wire and blunt needles. Each product line has a variety of Lab Kits available based on sizes and selections to offer affordable and yet meaningful offerings that are useful for labs and shops. They come in a sturdy plastic, divided box that can be used with our Lab Kit Drawer System. Replacement tubes, wire and needles can be purchased as needed.

See individual product pages for detailed quality information.

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