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Heat Shrink Tubing

PTFE Shrink Tubing
Material Properties
Component Supply distributes and fabricates the heat shrink product lines listed below. While brief properties descriptions are provided on this page, please visit each individual product page for more detailed information, custom fabrication services, quality and compliance documentation availability, and more specific markets and application examples as these vary by product line. Product pages are linked below in the "Heat Shrink Products Pages" section below.
  • PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) heat shrink standard wall tubing: encapsulates and protects wires, cables and other critical components exposed to volatile environments. Provided in an expanded state, this material can be shrunk through heat application to create tight, protective sleeve for material subjected to extremes of heat, corrosion, shock, moisture or other acute environmental conditions. PTFE possesses the lowest coefficient of friction making it ideal for applications needing lubricious material. It is chemically resistant to all common solvents, acids and bases, chemically inert and has a high dielectric strength over a broad temperature range. This tubing can be sterilized chemically and is autoclavable.

  • FEP heat shrink: possesses many of the same traits as PTFE heat shrink but is sometimes preferred over PTFE because of its lower shrink temperature (400 degrees) and its ability to be autovclaved and gamma sterilized. Compared to PFA, FEP offers greater flexibility, optical clarity and high lubricity. It is resistant to most chemicals except molten alkali metals, fluorine (gas) and some other halogen complexes. It also has excellent dielectric strength.

  • Polyolefin heat shrink tubing: is extremely thin, soft, pliable and tough making it ideal for the demands of medical device design and manufacturing. This transparent tubing is known for its rapid recovery, low longitudinal shrinkage, high compressive strength and superior surface finish. It also acts as an effective moisture/vapor barrier.

  • Palladium Pebax ™: was the first Pebax heat shrink tubing developed. It is a highly flexible, tough, durable and stable heat shrink tubing, which can be Gamma and E-Beam sterilized. It is known for its low longitudinal shrinkage, superior surface finish and high adhesion to material.

Markets & Applications Examples ▼
  • Aerospace: flouropolymers have a growing use in the aerospace industry, particularly in wire harness applications, seamless coverings to composite forming mandrels, fiber optic, hydraulic, wire coating and sealing solutions.

  • Electrical: PTFE shrink tubing is used for sleeving electrical connections in devices where the connections need to be protected from exposure to temperature extremes or where friction would be a concern.

  • Medical: PTFE is prevalent in the medical field, particularly in its use in catheter shafts, catheter fusing, electrosurgical instruments, laparoscope instrument insulation.

  • Fiber Optics: PTFE shrink tubing is used in the fiber optics industry for sleeving and jacketing certain connections to protect them.

Custom Fabrication & Contract Manufacturing ▼
In addition to standard lengths, Component Supply offers precision cutting of all heat shrink tubing product lines.

Quality, Compliance & Regulatory ▼
See individual product pages for detailed quality information.

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