You Can Use Polyester Mesh for In-Water Filtration Systems

In situations where you need in-water filtration, you can use polyester mesh as part of your filtration system. This type of mesh is designed to last longer in water and other liquids, when fully submerged. This type of mesh can be cut to size, depending on your needs and requirements. Standard pieces are available in 40 inch to 60 inch widths, and start at ┬╝ yard lengths.


Polyester Mesh Should Be Checked and Cleaned on a Regular Basis


You will want to make sure that you check and clean polyester mesh on a regular basis to avoid it from becoming clogged. When mesh screening becomes clogged it can reduce the liquid flow rate. This can cause other parts of the filtration system not to function correctly. Other components may require a steady flow rate or specific pressure in order to operate.