You Can Purchase Blunt Needles in Different Lengths and Gauges

Blunt needles are the result of combining hypodermic tubing and polypropylene luer hubs. These needle assemblies are available in different gauge sizes as well as needle lengths. The gauge and length you require does depend upon the actual types of applications. For instance in healthcare, some needles are used to make injections, others to draw blood, and still others for surgical procedures. Each of the needles will be different lengths in order to be able to reach the desired area of the body where they are used.

Not All Blunt Needles Are Finished with Straight End Blunt Tips

Special finishing processes are able to be applied to blunt needles for situations where a straight end tip will not work correctly. Blunt tipped needles can be angled at varying degrees to create a curved tip. The amount of angling required is dependent upon where and how the needle is used, as well as the application. Two examples of possible angles achieved through finishing processes are 45 degree angled needles and 90 degree angled needles.

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