You Can Order Standard or Custom Blunt Needle Kits

Several types of organizations use a wide variety of blunt needle sizes. One method for obtaining an assortment of needle sizes is to purchase them in a kit. Kits include a selection of different gauge sizes, ready to be attached to a syringe or other device. Standard kits include options for obtaining either ½ inch or 1 inch needles in assorted sizes. You can also custom order your kit, when other lengths are needed or you require specific gauge sizes.

What Processes Are Needed to Make a Blunt Needle?

A blunt needle is made using several different types of components. You will need a piece of hypodermic tubing in the proper gauge size, cut to length, with a blunt tip. Next, the tubing is attached to a polypropylene hub. This hub is often pre-threaded so it can be easily attached to a syringe or bottle. Finally, any finishing touches are applied, like bending the tubing to create an angled needle.