You Can Order Small Cut Lengths of Hypodermic Tube

You have several different options for obtaining the hypodermic tube you require for your applications. For example, you might order a regular supply of short lengths of tubing such as one inch, two inch or three inch sections. Rather than having to order the tubing using custom cut finishing process for these sizes, you can find it offered in the quantities you require already precision cut, deburred and cleaned.

Hypodermic Tube Is Available in Small Sections with a 90 Degree Angle 

You might have certain processes and applications which require your hypodermic tube to be bent at a 90 degree angle and be cut to a small length. In the past you may have had to use custom finishing services to have the tubing bent. However, you can now obtain it already prepared at this angle in both one inch and two inch leg sizes. In situations where you need larger leg sizes you are still able to order these to your specifications using secondary finishing services.

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