You Can Obtain Standard and Customized Stocks of Hypodermic Tube

Hypodermic tube is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 5 gauge to 36 gauge. This type of tubing also is supplied in three different wall sizes to fit with your specifications, including regular wall, thin wall and extra thin wall. Tubing comes standard in thirty and sixty inch lengths with secondary finishing services available to customize tubing to fit with your own specific requirements.  In situations where you frequently use one, two or three inch lengths of this tubing, you are able to order it already cut to the desired length and keep a stock of it on hand. There is also one and two inch legs of tubing available already bent to a ninety degree angle. In cases where you use a variety of sizes and wall thickness, you are able to help keep them organized and undamaged by storing them in round plastic storage tubes.

Different Applications and Uses for Hypodermic Tube

Many different pharmaceutical and industrial processes use hypodermic tube for various applications and processes. For instance, one common use is to pass straightened wire through the interior of the tubing when it is being used as a guide wire assembly. Another purpose for the tubing is to have it cut to custom lengths and attach it to polypropylene luer hubs in order to create dispensing needles. Dispensing needles are used to deliver fluids, liquids, glues, and adhesives in desired quantities, depending upon the desired application or process. You are also able to use hypodermic tubing adapters along with standard compression fittings in order to connect this kind of tubing to plumbing circuits.

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