You Can Cut Hypodermic Tube to Use as Blunt Needles

You can have sections of hypodermic tube cut to be used as blunt needles. You can obtain the tubing in kits, which offer you a variety of differently sized gauges. You can also get standard lengths of this tubing in either 30 inches or 60 inches, and cut it down yourself to the length you need. Another option, when you do not want to cut the tubing yourself, is to use our customization services, to get the correct size lengths you require.

The Gauge of Hypodermic Tube Does Not Change As the Wall Changes

Besides picking out the gauge size of hypodermic tube you require, you will also need to determine the wall thickness. You can choose from regular wall, thin wall, and extra thin wall tubing. Just remember that, even though the wall size changes, the gauge size does not change. So, a 10 gauge regular wall, thin wall, and extra thin wall tube will all have the same outer diameter. The inner diameter is the only dimension which changes, as you change wall sizes.

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