Woven Nylon Mesh is used for Juicing Applications by Food Processing Plants

Food processing plants use woven nylon mesh for juicing applications. As fruits and vegetables are processed and squeezed, the juices are passed through the mesh. Any pulp and seeds are removed from the juice and caught in the mesh screen. The freshly squeezed juice flows through the screen and is collected for further processing.

The Aquaculture Industry uses Woven Nylon Mesh to Create Enclosed Habitats

Woven nylon mesh can be used to aid in separating and creating enclosed habitats to keep certain animals in specific locations. For example, in the aquaculture industry, the mesh is used to create nets to section off fish into individual areas. By containing the fish in separate locations, it helps to propagate the development and growth of each species. Once the fish are ready to be harvested, the nets may be able to be lifted out of the water or a separate nylon netting system is used to remove mature adult fish.

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