Woven Nylon Mesh Can Be Ordered in both Uncut and Custom Cut Quantities

You have different options available for purchasing woven nylon mesh for your business applications and purposes. You could order the mesh in large uncut quantities including quarter yard, half yard and one yard sections. This option is ideal whenever you want to cut the mesh down to size yourself and have the time available to complete this added activity. Another option in situations where you lack time or the necessary tools to cut the mesh is to order your mesh already custom cut to your size specifications.

The Type of Industry Often Determines How Woven Nylon Mesh Is Used

How you use woven nylon mesh for your business applications and purposes is often determined by the type of industry. For example, in aquaculture this kind of mesh is used as part of fluid filtration systems. It can also be used for creating substrates for staring oysters and separating early stage lobsters. You may even find it being used to create plankton nets.