What are the Different Types of Tygon® Tubing?

What is Tygon® Tubing?

Tygon® Tubing is a flexible plastic polymer tubing with various formulations that contain different chemical and physical properties. Tygon® tubing is resistant to most inorganic chemicals and resistant to cracking and aging. Therefore, it has a longer lifespan than rubber tubing. This non-oxidizing tubing is less permeable than rubber tubing and will not contaminate fluid as it passes through the tubing. At Component Supply, we offer four different types of Tygon® tubing: E-3603, B-44-3, ND100-65, and ND100-80. Tygon® tubing is used in many industries, including food and beverage, chemical processing, laboratory, medical, and pharmaceutical.

Tygon® E-3603 Laboratory Tubing

Tygon® E-3603’s tubing’s durable formulation is resistant to flex fatigue and abrasion, providing increased sustainability and safety for the environment and users. This tubing is commonly used in laboratory, food and beverage handling, and biopharmaceutical instruments. The non-oxidizing tubing is less permeable than rubber tubing and will not contaminate fluid as it passes through the tubing. Typical applications for E-3603 include condensers, incubators, desiccators, gas lines and drain lines, instrument connection, vent, drain, and other general laboratory applications. E-3603 provides a long-term economical choice as its durability reduces labor and replacement expenses. The limitations of Tygon® E-3603 is that the tubing should not be used as an implant material under any circumstances.

Tygon® B-44-3 Beverage Tubing

Tygon® B-44-3 is a clear, PVC-based tubing commonly used for transferring liquids. This tubing possesses a smooth, non-wetting, nonporous bore, which does not affect the taste or odor of the liquid that is transferred through it and allows for complete drainage and thorough simple flush-cleaning. It is chemically resistant to virtually all non-solvent chemicals. Tygon® beverage tubing meets FDA, 3-A, and NSF criteria. The industries commonly use Tygon® B-44-3 are beverage dispensing, bag-in-box, dairy processing, food dispensing, and beverage transfer applications.

Tygon® ND100-65 Medical Tubing

Tygon® ND100-65 is a non-toxic, non-hemolytic, non-pyrogenic material specifically designed for the medical industry and is especially useful for medical device manufacturers requiring a non-DEHP plasticized material. It is made from a biocompatible, non-DEHP polymer material purposefully developed for blood contact medical device needs. Individual product dimensions are maintained and monitored during the manufacturer’s extrusion process through in-line micrometers and offline verification with computerized imaging equipment. This material can be effectively bonded and/or welded using the following methods: heat, electronic (RF)/ultrasonic, solvent, and adhesive. ND100-65 withstands EtO, gas, and Gamma sterilization. Tygon® ND100-65 industry and applications use laboratory, pharmaceutical, and other medical and surgical applications such as dialysis, chemotherapy drug delivery, bypass procedures, and minimally invasive surgeries.

Tygon® ND100-80 Microbore Tubing

The Tygon® ND Series is a biocompatible, non-DEHP plasticized tubing developed explicitly for the medical device industry. This tubing’s soft, flexible material reduces the risk of puncture, yet its rigidity prevents kinking. With a clear and glass-smooth inner bore, Tygon® ND100-80 provides excellent visibility. The medical industry uses Tygon® ND100-80 in dialysis equipment, minimally invasive devices, peristaltic pumps, medical laboratories, inhalation equipment, blood and IV solutions, catheters, and intravenous or intra-arterial infusion.

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