Use Teflon Heat Shrink Tubing to Protect Wiring in High Heat Areas

You can protect wiring in areas where high heat levels are generated, by using Teflon heat shrink tubing. Areas where heat can be an issue can include around engines, production machinery, and other types of motors. The tubing can be applied around multiple wires to create a bundle or used on individual wires. The Teflon will act as a heat barrier to protect the wiring.

Avoid Problems with Wall Restriction by Using the Right Size of Teflon Heat Shrink Tubing

Wall restriction can be an issue when using Teflon heat shrink tubing by using the incorrect size. This type of tubing is designed to shrink to a set size around the cable or wiring where it is being applied. When you use the incorrect size, than which is required, the tubing will not fully shrink down. This problem can easily be avoided by selecting a recovered wall size which is close to the diameter of the cable or wiring.

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