Use PTFE Shrink Tubing for a Variety of Applications

You can use PTFE shrink tubing for a variety of applications and purposes. This type of tubing helps with such situations like bundling cables and wires, electrical insulation, wire and cable splicing, protection against corrosion, moisture and abrasion, as well as protection against the elements when it is used in outdoor settings. The size of tubing you require does depend upon how and where you intend to use it. You will need to choose tubing with a large enough opening to fit around the items where you plan to shrink it.

You have to Cut PTFE Shrink Tubing to Size When You Order it in Bulk

If you order your PTFE shrink tubing in bulk, you have to cut it to size when you want to apply it. You should start by measuring the length of the section you require in the area where it is to be placed. Now use this measurement on the tubing and cut it to the correct size. You may choose to cut the piece of tubing slightly larger in order to have a slight overlap. Before sliding the tubing over the location, hold it up and visually inspect it will fit correctly. Now slide it over the cable or wire to the area you want it applied. The final step is to shrink the tubing using a heat gun or other suitable appliance.