Use Light Wall PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing When You Need a Smaller Recovered Size

In certain situations you may need to use a light wall of PTFE heat shrink tubing. A light wall is the same thing as a thin wall. The only difference between regular shrink tubing and this type is the size of the recovered wall size after shrinkage. In light wall tubing, the recovered wall size is slightly smaller. This can help provide a tighter fit in situations where regular wall tubing will not fully seal.


You Need the Right Equipment in Order to Use PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing


You will need certain types of equipment in order to use PTFE heat shrink tubing. You will need a heat gun, designed to create the required temperatures to shrink the tubing. You should also have a pair of heat resistant gloves to protect your hands. The minimum shrink temperature is approximately 654 to 670 degrees Fahrenheit.