Use a Blunt Needle In Place of a Sharp Need to Avoid Making Mistakes

Certain types of applications can use a blunt needle in place of a sharp needle. A sharp needle can make it difficult to not accidently poke through different materials. However, using a needle with a blunt tip can make it easier to avoid making mistakes. A blunt tipped needle requires a bit more force, than a sharp tipped needle, to puncture through different materials.

Different Gauge Sizes and Wall Thicknesses Are Available with a Blunt Needle

The size of a blunt needle you require depends on the type of application. A blunt tipped needle comes in different gauge sizes, which may seem confusing for some people. Smaller number needle gauges have larger inner diameters. So, as the gauge numbers increase, the inner diameters become smaller. You will also find different wall thicknesses available, which determine the size of the inner diameter in the needle.

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