Try Thin Wall Stainless Tubing When You Have Issues with Regular Wall Tubing

In situations where you are having issues fitting a guide wire or other similar item through the interior of stainless steel tubing you may want to try a different wall size. For instance, you might be using regular wall tubing and find the wire fits too tightly. You could be able to resolve this issue by switching to thin wall stainless tubing in the same gauge size. This is because the wall size is slightly thinner which creates a slightly larger inner diameter.

Avoid Ordering the Wrong Size Thin Wall Stainless Tubing by Use a Size Reference Chart

It is easy for some people to get confused about the gauge sizes and how they affect the inner diameter of thin wall stainless tubing. Someone not too familiar with this product may assume that as the gauge sizes increase the inner diameters also become larger. However, this would be a wrong assumption. Rather, as the gauge sizes increase the inner diameters actually become smaller. The easiest way to avoid making this error is to keep a size reference chart on hand showing the gauge sizes as well as the measurements for the inner diameters.