Thin Wall Stainless Steel Tubing Is Customizable to Fit Your Applications

Thin Wall Stainless Steel Tubing Is Customizable to Fit Your Applications 

Certain types of applications may require using thin wall stainless steel tubing in place of regular walled tubing. For example, for operations where fluids are being passed through the tubing, increased fluid flow rates could be required. Because machinery and equipment are often designed to use a specific gauge of stainless tubing, it might not be possible to use a different gauge of regular wall to increase the interior opening. However, higher flow rates are able to be achieved by using a thinner wall in the same gauge, since it has a larger inner diameter.

The thin wall stainless steel tubing you require can be customized to fit with your own applications and requirements. We are able to work directly with you to deliver the quantity and amount of tubing needed, based upon your specifications. For instance, if you require small sections in 5 inch lengths, we are able to cut and deburr the tubing so you do not have to perform this operation. Additionally, we offer other secondary finishing services, such as supplying you with the materials like our straightened stainless steel mandrel wire to pass through the interior of the tubing to make guide wire assemblies. Further, we have the ability to combine this type of tubing in your desired length with custom dispensing tips to provide higher flow rates, as well as enable less viscous fluids to flow more easily. We have solutions for all kinds of industries, including marine, aerospace, agriculture, aquaculture, medical, and pharmaceutical projects, as well as others, to help you achieve your desired results.


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