The Size of Mesh Openings Determines the Effectiveness of Nylon Mesh Screen

When using nylon mesh screen, the effectiveness of filtration is directly related to the size of the mesh openings. In order to achieve the desired filtration results, you should select screen that has openings smaller than the particles you want to remove. In situations where there are multiple particle sizes, you may choose to use several layers of screening in order to remove larger particles, first, and smaller ones as they pass through each layer.

Other Processes besides Fluids and Liquids Can Use Nylon Mesh Screen 

While nylon mesh screen is commonly used for applications involving fluids and liquids, it can also be used in for other processes. For example, this product is frequently used in insect research, in order to contain the insects during a study. The screen allows the insects to receive air, but keeps the insects in their desired locations and prevents them from escaping.

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