The Properties of PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing Make It Useful for Several Applications

PTFE heat shrink tubing has several different properties which makes it suited for a variety of applications and purposes. This type of tubing is resistant to heat, provides corrosion protection, provides electrical insulation, and has a low friction coefficient. Several of these properties help protect wiring, cabling and other types of metal parts. The tubing can also be used as a protective barrier around other materials which are used to transfer chemicals and fluids.


Dual Layer FEP and PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing Can Withstand Stresses from Vibrations and Pulling


You may be looking for a solution, which can withstand the stresses of vibrations and pulling, to use around your cabling or wiring. One option is to use PTFE heat shrink tubing with an inner layer of FEP shrink tubing. When heat is applied to the dual layer tubing, the FEP layer melts to create an almost solid encapsulation around the wiring or cabling. The exterior PTFE layer shrinks to create an outer layer of protection around the FEP layer.