The Medical Device and Electrical Industries Use PTFE Tubing

PTFE tubing, or Teflon® tubing, is useful for a variety of applications and purposes in several industries, including the medical device and electrical industries. This type of tubing has low friction, good electrical insulation properties, is chemically inert, and satisfies biocompatibility requirements. The tubing can be used for applications where wires are passed through the interior of the tubing, or may be used on its own for fluid delivery applications. Teflon® has a high temperature range, so it is suited for both extreme cold and hot environments, as well as wet conditions.

A Few Applications Where PTFE Tubing Is Used

One application for PTFE tubing is to use it as part of guide wire assemblies. These assemblies are used in a variety of products, such as prosthetics. Guide wires are also incorporated in some devices as a switching mechanism. Another application for this type of tubing is to act as a protective barrier, while a secondary object is safely passed through the tubing to the other side. For instance, in laboratory experiments, a small infrared camera may need to be used to map and identify specific molecules suspended in a liquid. Since the camera might become damaged if exposed directly to the liquid or be destroyed by harsh chemicals, the tubing creates a barrier to avoid damaging the camera, as well as prevents from contaminating the sample. In addition to these applications, Teflon® tubing has been used in printers for roll covers, and to create covers used on medical and surgical tools.