The Dispensing and Collection of Fluids is Possible with Blunt Needles

Blunt needles are used for dispensing and collection of various fluids and liquids. While most commonly used in the medical industry for a variety of collection and dispersal methods, these types of needles are also used for manufacturing and production processes. When the needles are connected to a dispenser, such as a syringe, it allows for accurate measurements of fluids and helps to prevent waste.

Reduce Production Waste Costs for Fluids by Using Blunt Needles

Production and manufacturing facilities are often able to reduce waste costs associated with the over-usage of various liquids and fluids by using blunt needles. When employees are allowed to manually apply adhesives, lubricants, oils and other types of fluid materials to parts and components, they have to guess how much to apply. However, if they are provided with a needle assembly and dispensing device, they will use the measurements on the side of the device to accurately control the amount of fluid applied. By controlling and applying the correct levels, your waste costs for fluids can be reduced.

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