The Agriculture Industry Uses Nylon Filter Mesh for Different Applications

You can use nylon filter mesh for a variety of purposes and applications in agriculture. The mesh is used to make fertilizer bags, as part of a hydroponics system, to build mesh shades used in green houses or as part of screening used to prevent insects from reaching plants. You should make sure to select the right size mesh opening which works best for your intended uses.

Use Nylon Filter Mesh for Filtration in Your Hydroponics System

When using a hydroponics system you should make sure to use nylon filter mesh for filtration. As the water flows through the system it is possible for dust, debris, leaves, bugs and other particles to get into the water. In order to remove these without having to completely drain and clean the system, you can pass the water through nylon mesh. The mesh openings will allow the water to pass through while removing larger materials and particles from the water.

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