Teflon Heat Shrink Tubing Protects Wiring in Wet Locations

Both medical and electronic industries use Teflon heat shrink tubing. This type of tubing has several features which makes it suitable for a variety of environments and situations. Teflon is a good electrical insulating material, which keeps wires contained and sealed inside the Teflon. The Teflon acts as a barrier against water and other liquids, so it is possible to run electrical wiring through wet locations.

Teflon Heat Shrink Tubing Can Be Used Protect Devices and Equipment You Autoclave

Teflon heat shrink tubing can be used on the outside of devices and equipment, which are autoclaved. Since the melting point is much higher than the autoclaving process, the Teflon will remain solid and protects the objects it is used around. Teflon tubing provides the necessary thermal protection for sensitive devices and equipment so that they are able to reach the temperature needed for autoclaving processes without getting damaged.

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