Teflon® Heat Shrink Tubing Is Designed for a Variety of Environments

Teflon® heat shrink tubing is used by a variety of industries for applications whenever they require a viable material which is able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, is chemically inert, provides excellent electrical insulating properties, and can be used in wet environments. For example, automobile manufacturers coat wires and cables with Teflon® shrink tubing that is connected directly to the engine. Because the engine gets extremely hot, other types of materials would melt away, leaving exposed wiring and cables. This could create a hazard, as water is able to get under the hood of a vehicle when it is raining or snowing outside, from different areas, including underneath the vehicle.

Automobile manufacturers also use Teflon® heat shrink tubing along with the various metal tubing used to deliver gasoline, oil and other lubricating fluids to different areas of the vehicle. This is because Teflon® is a chemically inert material which will not react if oil, gasoline or other fluids come into contact with the Teflon®. The heat shrink tubing also serves as a barrier in the event the metal tubing it is covering was to develop a crack as it helped to prevent leaks. Another area where Teflon® shrink tubing is used in vehicle production is to create wiring harnesses. Wiring harnesses help hold together a large number of wires and prevent them from becoming tangled. It is common for the harnesses to have a plug adapter at the end, where each individual wire is attached to a different connection on the adapter.

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