Teflon® Heat Shrink Tubing Is Available in Different Walls

Teflon® heat shrink tubing is available in several different walls to fit with your needs and requirements, including standard wall, thin wall and light wall. All three wall types are offered with a 2 to 1 heat shrink ratio, which means the tubing shrinks down to about half of its original size, as long as there are no restrictions. You are also able to find thin wall heat shrink tubing available with a 4 to 1 heat shrink ratio. A 4 to 1 shrink ration means the tubing will shrink down to about one quarter of its original size, without any restrictions.

Use a Heat Gun for Shrinking Teflon® Heat Shrink Tubing

There are different kinds of issues or problems which you may face when working with Teflon® heat shrink tubing. For example, one issue faced is being able to generate enough heat to shrink the Teflon® tubing. In most situations, it is possible to resolve this issue by making sure you have the right type of heat shrink equipment, such as a heat gun. A heat gun is similar to a hair dryer, in its shape and size, but is able to generate temperatures at a much higher level. These higher temperatures are required in order to start the shrinking process of Teflon® tubing. Heat shrink guns are also able to be used for other types of heat shrink tubing, including FEP, Raychem® polyolefin, Iridium class IV polyolefin, and Palladium Pebax® tubing, as most heat guns are able to generate a wide range of temperatures.

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