Take Advantage of Custom Finishing Processes Available with Thin Wall Stainless Steel Tubing

There are different custom finishing processes you can obtain when you are ordering thin wall stainless steel tubing. For instance, you can have the tubing cut down into custom lengths to fit with your requirements and applications. Another finishing process you may desire is custom bending the tubing at specific angles. You can also order the tubing already attached to a hub, when you will be using the tubing as a needle.

Different Applications for Thin Wall Stainless Steel Tubing in the Medical Industry

Thin wall stainless steel tubing is used in the medical industry for a variety of purposes and applications. One of the more common uses is part of a needle assembly used to draw blood and inject medications. This type of tubing can also be used as part of a wire guide assembly, water or fluid line, and as an air supply line, to build a variety of medical devices and products.