Super Elastic NiTinol Wire Is Able to Recover Its Original Diameter

Super elastic NiTinol wire is a special type of wire used for a variety of applications and purpose. The wire has specific proprieties which allow it to recover to its original diameter after being stretched to a smaller diameter. In order to return the wire to its original diameter it is heated or charged. Once returned to its original diameter the wire can be reused over and over.

Plastic Tubing Can Be Made by Using Super Elastic NiTinol Wire 

One application for super elastic NiTinol wire is to make plastic tubing. The hot plastic material is coated onto the outside of the wire and smoothed so that it is uniform. A small amount of wire is left exposed on each end. Once the plastic coating has fully cooled and cured the wire is stretched to a smaller diameter and removed. The wire is able to be heated to return it to its original diameter and used again to make another section of plastic tubing.

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