Straightened Wire Is Available in Standard Sizes and with Custom Finishing Options

Straightened wire is often supplied in standard lengths of either 36 inches or 72 inches. In order to use the wire in your applications, it has to be cut to the desired length using the right type of wire cutters. Some cutters will cause the ends of the wire to be crimped and not retain their round finish. Crimped ends could also cause problems during production, as the ends may not fit correctly. Further, you might have to deburr the ends after cutting sections of wire to remove sharp edges. Sometimes, precision bending of the wire is necessary when working around angles and corners within your product, or for specific applications. Rather than having to perform all of these finishing processes yourself, you should consider taking advantage of our secondary operations. Utilizing our optional services guarantees you always have the right stock of wire on hand, in the correct sizes.

Proper Storage of Straightened Wire Keeps It Organized and Clean

It is important to make sure you properly store straightened wire, whether you order it in standard lengths or use secondary operations to have it finished to your specifications. By using the correct storage methods, it also makes it easier to organize your wire and keep accurate inventories. One solution frequently used is to store the wire in round plastic clear storage tubes with lids. Because the tubes are clear, you can quickly determine when it is time to reorder additional inventories. Further, the tubing helps prevent dust, dirt and other debris from getting onto the wire, and reduces transfer of such materials to other parts and components used in your applications.