Stainless Steel Machine Screws Can Be Used with Glues and Adhesives

You have different options available, when assembling different parts and components, and securing them together. Some processes may involve the use of glues or adhesives, which can be further strengthened by attaching stainless steel machine screws. Glues and adhesives can break down over time, which means it is possible for them to lose their hold and come apart. By attaching the screw, as well, it helps keep the pieces held together, even if the glue breaks down.

Before Attaching Stainless Steel Machine Screws Apply Glues or Adhesives First

You should apply glues and adhesives first, before attaching stainless steel machine screws. This will allow the glue or adhesive to get into the hole where the screw will be attached. It will provide a more secure connection and ensure the glue or adhesive has been thoroughly spread. Otherwise, if you wait until after the screw is attached, the glue or adhesive will not fully penetrate.