Shipping Cost Realities: Three More Tips and Custom Fab

In our last post, we shared tips 1-3 for cutting shipping costs. Here are three more tips to consider for future orders:

4) Be flexible with your shipping carrier. Shipping costs depend on size, shape, and weight of the package, along with transit route, time frame, and negotiated rates of your company, and your supplier. When you are ordering from Component Supply, if you do not have your own account with UPS or FedEx, we are willing to determine the most cost-efficient rate depending on when you expect your delivery. So, simply indicate “ground” or “overnight” or “two-day” and leave the research to us to help connect you with the best rate.

5) Ask suppliers to ship from one warehouse when possible. We often purchase from suppliers who have multiple locations. Don’t be afraid to call and ask your supplier to ship from one warehouse if it is possible. We ship everything from our Sparta, TN facility, so this is not something you need to consider with us. But, every one of our suppliers that we request this of has been very helpful and willing.

6) Order shorter if the larger length is not necessary.  Keep in mind that everything over 48” long has a $14 special handling charge from the larger carrier companies. So, if you can accept the product (like hypodermic tubing or straightened wire) in lengths shorter than 48” then you can cut out that fee from the carrier. Remember, any of our 72” wire is also available in 36” lengths and our 60” hypodermic tubing can be sent in 30” lengths.

If you would be performing precision cutting of the material, like most end-users do, consider submitting a request for quote and letting us perform that operation for you to save you production time and shipping costs.

The mission of Component Supply is to connect researchers and product designers with the knowledge and components they need to change the world. 

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