Several Industries Use PTFE Tubing for Various Purposes

Industries which use PTFE tubing include automobile manufacturers, chemical processing plants, medical equipment manufacturers and electrical supply manufacturers. The reason this kind of tubing is used by all of these industries is because of its useful properties. PTFE is able to withstand extreme temperature conditions, both hot and cold. PTFE also is resistant to corrosion from many types of liquids, including water and chemicals, and makes a great insulating material.

PTFE Tubing and PTFE Shrink Tubing Are Made from Teflon® but Perform Differently 

PTFE tubing is not the same as PTFE heat shrink tubing. While both materials are made from Teflon®, they perform differently. Heat shrink tubing reduces in size when the correct level of heat is applied. On the other hand, regular Teflon® tubing does not shrink. If a large amount of heat is applied, it will melt. The amount of heat required to melt Teflon® tubing is around 650 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the high melting point, this makes using Teflon® tubing ideal for extreme conditions and environments.