Several Industries Use Polyester Mesh for Different Applications

Polyester mesh is manufactured from various polymers, with polyethylene terephthalate being the most common. There are natural occurring polyesters and some synthetic compositions which are biodegradable. However, most of the synthetic types you find are not biodegradable. As a result, this makes this material ideally suited for a variety of environments and applications. Additionally, it is commonly found being used in industries including pharmaceutical, aquaculture, agriculture, manufacturing, food processing, and printing.

Some of the more common applications for polyester mesh include:

  • Fluid filtration
  • Flour sifting
  • Juicing applications
  • Substrates for starting oysters
  • Separating early stage lobster
  • Plankton nets
  • Decorating ceramics
  • Air filtration
  • Printing on textiles
  • Printing graphics on a variety of materials, including glass and plastics
  • Printing on electronics

Selecting the right size mesh involves knowing the exact size openings you require for your applications. The mesh openings allow fluids and other materials to easily pass through, while blocking out others. Mesh opening sizes available range from 41 microns to 810 microns. The screening is commonly ordered by yard, with widths ranging from 40 inches, up to 60 inches. When ordering in smaller amounts, widths are less. For example, the dimensions of a ┬╝ yard piece of mesh are approximately 18 inches by 20 inches. Additionally, you have the option of custom ordering this product already cut to your specific dimensions or desired shape in the preferred mesh opening. For instance, you may need the mesh cut into a circle with a 2 inch diameter, with a mesh opening of 160 microns. We are able to accommodate this need, as well as any others you might require.