Self-Tapping Screws Are Not Considered Stainless Steel Machine Screws

Some people easily confuse self-tapping screws with stainless steel machine screws. However, self-tapping screws are not considered machine screws because of the processes used to manufacture the screws. Both products are made from stainless steel and are miniature, but those are the only similarities. Self-tapping screws have small flat heads and are type BA. They include a gimlet, or sharp point for self-taping through various materials. They are used for fastening processes which use thin plastics, metals or wood.

Stainless Steel Machine Screws Are Available with Different Heads and Sizes 

Stainless steel machine screws are available for applications where the screws are applied through various materials with holes that are already pre-drilled and pre-tapped. There is a wide range and selection offered with different screw heads including slotted fillister, slotted pan head, Phillips flat head, Phillips pan head, and slotted pan head. The lengths and sizes available range from #0000-160 to #8-32. The head and drive styles do vary based upon the size.