Reduce Risks for Your Employees by Using Blunt Needle Assemblies

A blunt needle refers to a specific type of tip found on a needle assembly. A blunt tip will not poke through the skin or other kinds of materials as easily as a sharp tipped needle. Pharmaceutical and industrial operations often favor using blunt tipped needles for as many processes and applications as possible because these needles are safer to use. Blunt tipped needles help to lower the likelihood of accidents which could pose risks for your employees who have to handle and work with needle assemblies.

It Is Easier to Keep Track of Inventories by Using Blunt Needle Lab Kits

Pharmaceutical operations often prefer using needle assembles whenever possible in place of having to build their own assemblies using blunt needles. Using laboratory kits ensures each needle length and gauge size is available for their research and experiments. It also makes it easier to keep track of needle assembly inventories because kits have different compartments where the various sizes are stored. Anytime you notice sections in your kits are running low, all you have to do is reorder just those sizes and gauges to restock your kits.

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