PTFE Tubing Is Not Designed to Be Shrunk like PTFE Heat Shrink Tubing

It is important to remember PTFE tubing is not the same thing as PTFE heat shrink tubing. While both products do use Teflon® in their construction they perform and behave differently. Heat shrink tubing will reduce in size around the items where it is being applied once it reaches the correct shrinking point. Regular Teflon® tubing on the other hand is not designed to be shrunk and maintains its size, as long as it is not exposed extremely high temperatures above 635 degrees Fahrenheit.

Some Applications Combine PTFE Tubing with Other Materials to Create Finished Goods

You can use PTFE tubing by itself or along with other materials with the production and manufacture of your finished goods. For instance, you are able to pass hypodermic tube through the interior of Teflon® tubing to create wire guide assemblies. You could also run electrical wiring through the interior of the tubing to increase the amount of insulation or to protect the wiring from deteriorating from exposure in corrosive environments.