PTFE Tubing Is Available in Standard and Custom Lengths

PTFE tubing provides several benefits when used for the appropriate environments and applications. It offers low friction, biocompatibility, and good electrical insulation. This product can also be used in place of metal tubing in creating guide wire assemblies. The tubing is offered in standard wall, thin wall and light wall, with standard 50 foot and 100 foot lengths available. You are also able to have the tubing custom cut to specific lengths for your applications. Our secondary finishing operations have the ability to cut the tubing to the desired lengths. We are able to maintain the integrity of the tubing, even while dealing with tight tolerances, and to ensure the cuts remain straight. We are able to supply small quantities of our standard wall tubing, as well as customized cuts for testing prior to ordering large amounts of the tubing, to ensure it meets your project needs and requirements.

PTFE Tubing Has Many Different Applications and Uses

Medical industries use PTFE tubing in the manufacture of medical devices and covers for medical and surgical tools. Electronic industries use the tubing as an insulating material where electrical wiring is passed through the interior of the tubing, and it may be used in place of other types of coatings on the outside of the wire. Printer manufacturers used this kind of tubing as roll covers that direct how paper is fed through the printer. You will even find Teflon® tubing being used in harsh environments and conditions, because it is designed to be used in both extreme hot and cold temperatures, is resistant to chemicals, as well as water, and prevents the outside layer from deteriorating from exposure in these conditions.