PTFE Tubing Has Unique Properties Suited for a Variety of Applications

PTFE tubing is a fluoropolymer tubing, specifically polytertafluoroethylene, commonly known as Teflon® by Dupont. You can use this tubing for a variety of applications and purposes in various industries including medical and electrical fields. The tubing has unique properties which makes it suited for both hot and cold environments while retaining its integrity. Teflon tubing is resistant to corrosion, chemically inert, resistant to bases, acids and all common solvents.

There Are Different Wall Thicknesses Offered in PTFE Tubing
PTFE tubing is available in different wall thicknesses include standard wall, think wall and light wall. The wall thickness could be important depending upon the types of materials being passed through the interior of the tubing. You can obtain a small sampling of different wall thicknesses in your preferred AWG size to test with, in order to determine which one is best suited for your environment.