PTFE Tubing Has a Wide Working Temperature Range

PTFE tubing can be used for a variety of purposes, functions and applications. The temperature range of Teflon makes it suited for demanding processes, and extreme conditions. It can handle temperatures ranging from as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit to minus 454 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of tubing can also be used to provide a protective barrier around wiring and cable, as it is resistant to all common solvents, bases and acids.


Liquids and Gases Can Be Fed Through PTFE Tubing


In addition to being used for wire and cable insulation, PTFE tubing can be used with liquids and gases. In the automotive industry, this type of tubing can be used to provide fluids and fuels to different areas in your vehicle. In the food production industry, it can be used to deliver water and other liquid ingredients during preparation processes. In the medical industry, Teflon tubing can be used to transfer oxygen from a tank to a patient, through a breathing machine.