PTFE Tubing Can Be Purchased by Itself or Already Assembled with Other Materials

Depending on how you intend to use PTFE tubing, you have different options available. In cases where you will be using it as a protective covering over wiring, used in healthcare devices, you can purchase the tubing already applied to medical wires. You can also obtain this type of tubing available in different size guide wire assemblies. By purchasing the tubing already in place, it helps save you time and allows you to keep up with your production schedules.

The Wall Size of PTFE Tubing Refers to the Thickness of the Teflon

PTFE tubing is available in different wall sizes for your various applications and processes. The thing to remember when selecting the wall size you require, is that the nominal inner diameter will be the same for each type of wall. For example, the nominal inner diameter of AWG size 24 is 0.022 inches. This measurement will be the same for standard wall, thin wall and light wall tubing. The difference in the wall size has to do with the actual thickness of the Teflon.